Friday, July 26, 2013

App Intro 6 : Max Protractor

Max Protractor is application for measuring angle with various method.

It is not just ordinary protractor.
It has 7 kinds of measuring mode.
  • Plumb Mode
  • Frame Mode
  • Inclination Mode
  • Touch Mode(180˚)
  • Touch Mode(360˚)
  • Plane Angle Mode(180˚)
  • Plane Angle Mode(360˚)
 Plumb Mode can measure tilt angle from gravity direction.
Plumb Mode
With camera...
Use camera
Frame Mode is similar with Plumb Mode. but easier than Plumb Mode when you hang a frame on a wall.
Frame Mode
Rotate device
Inclination Mode can measure gradient of slope, just put on the slope.
On flat surface
Right slope
Left slope
If slope is steep, the arrow become sharper or double.

Touch Mode(180˚) and Touch Mode(360˚) can measure by screen touch.
Touch Mode
Measure angle with screen touch
Touch Mode with camera

Touch Mode 360
Plane Angle Mode(180˚) and Plane Angle Mode(360˚) measure using Earth magnetic field like compass.

  1. Put on flat surface and contact beside object.
  2. Calibrate magnetic field to 0(360).
  3. Rotate device.
Plane Angle Mode
Rotate to the angle

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