Thursday, August 22, 2013

Update Info (Max Calculator) : Fix bug when divided by 0.

Max Unit Converter updates Ver. 1.0.4.

Fix bug that the result was 1 when divided by 0.

The result that divided 0.
Depends on situation, the result would be -Infinity, NaN, Infinity.

Update Info (Max Unit Converter) : Adds Energy Unit.

Max Unit Converter updates Ver. 2.1.6.

This version adds Energy Unit.

Energy Unit
Various converting units

App Intro 7 : Max Mirror

Tool Box adds 21st new tool "Max Mirror".

New Tool Max Mirror

Max Mirror is basically same as Max Magnifier but it uses Front Camera instead of Back Camera.
Basic view of Max Mirror
You can use zoom control, if your device supports front camera zoom.
Also freezes screen like magnifier.

Sepia color tone
Additionally, Color Effect and White balance would helps making various color tone, if your device supports such effects.

Mono color tone
Especially, In freeze mode, you can save captured on SD card.

Check out the save button.
The path of the saved file is DCIM/Max Mirror.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Update Info (Max Tracker) : Improve background recording and notification

Released Max Tracker Ver. 1.0.2

Update list
  • Improve background recording.
  • Recording Notification.
Max Tracker is application that record your moving path and frequently use on background while recording.

However, it was closed when device was lack of memory.

In this update, we solve most of the ploblem.

If you want to re-start Max Tracker from background, you can easily re-access by Notification.