Friday, July 26, 2013

App Intro 5 : Max Measure

Max Measure is a application that measures length and distance with using device's sensor.

It gives 5 kinds of method to measure.
  • Ruler Mode
  • Measuring Tape Mode
  • Rate of Length Mode
  • Sweep Mode
  • Distance Mode
Ruler Mode is a basic ruler on the touch screen.
Ruler Mode
Put something beside or on the screen, then touch and drag to it's size.
You are able to use single or double touch.

Measure with single touch.
Measure with double thoch
Measuring Tape Mode is for something is bigger than screen.
Measuring Tape Mode
Put parallelly something to measure beside the device then pull device several times.
Pull device several times to the arrow direction
 Rate of Length Mode is to measure rate of length of a part from whole thing.
The model's head size is 1/8 from her height
Sweep Mode is the fast way to measure 30 cm ~ 1.5m object that is placed on flat surface.
Sweep Mode
It has a slight error, but it is a quick and easy way.
Don't forget calibrate before measuring for more accurate result.

Distance Mode is for measuring distance from me to 2 m ~ 100 m.

1st, you must input your height at setup.
2nd, Calibrate before measuring for more accurate result.
3rd, Hold your device on your eye level.
4th, Aim haircross to the point that contacts object and ground.
Distance Mode

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